Bantry Bay Premium Seafood highlight! Mussels with Pasta!

On the package for Bantry Bay ‘s Mussels in a Garlic Butter Sauce it says ” you’re just a few minutes away from a delicious meal” Have to agree with them! When you can’t find and make fresh mussels, this a great alternative. They have many other flavors as well.

This product is great and has wonderful taste even though its pre-packaged I cooked them on the stove top according to the directions to make this great dish. It makes a quick and easy dinner for me and I get leftovers.

I cook my Fettuccine pasta in large pot and once it cooked I added it to the warmed mussels and sauce.

The mussels were chewy but not rubbery, and the flavor was salty and briny but also sweeet. It’s a little messy and awkward to scrape the mussels out of the shell while you’re eating, so keep an extra bowl on the table for the shells and hand out lots of napkins but it’s so worth it!

Give them a try at your local store if you see them. For more information visit their site at