The Art of the Fried Egg

Nothing beats for breakfast a perfectly cooked farm fresh fried egg. I love the yolky, glossy cheeriness of a sunny-side-up fried egg but how do you make it at home right? Here is how I learned to finally do it right because runny eggs are pure love when done right.

Steps :

Place the frying pan over a medium-high heat and add 1 tablespoon of butter. Let it heat for about 1 minutes. When that butter is melted give it a good swirl around and don’t let it burn.

Professional chef tip! Don’t crack the egg on the side of the skillet. That can cause egg to run down the side and also you chance getting some shell in there.

Crack the egg on a flat surface like the counter and add to the skillet. Or add it gently in a bowel and then slide it into the pan carefully. Pour the water around the outside edge of the egg. Turn the heat to low and place the lid on.

Cooking times: Sunny side up – Cook 1 ½ minutes. Over Easy – Cook 2 ½ minutes Medium – Cook 2 ½ minutes

Remove the lid, flip the egg over and cook an additional 30 seconds, uncovered.