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October 2020

This blog is about sharing my passion and love for food and cooking and to highlight other bloggers that inspire me and are doing them same..

What is the Food in Time of Quarantine Magazine anyways?

This magazine was started at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic by Editor in Editor Joy Gordon A longtime fellow food blogger on The Joyous Kitchen she encourages other food bloggers from our group to contribute recipes to monthly issues about different topics.

I am part of this group of bloggers an thrilled to promote her and Food in the Time of Quarantine, our free recipe magazine! I have shared three recipes since it began as of October.

This blog post about the October Issue with a link to download it.

Thanks to Joy for all her efforts to put together all the recipes that all food bloggers have contributed together monthly.

For past issues and future ones check out her main blog below by month at

Follow Joy and me on Twitter also, to find out when new issues come out at @JoyousKitchen

March 2021

As a new food blogger, I wanted to try to find a way to pick a posting schedule that easy to stick to. and grow my audience.Since the focus is on cooking and food, I created two hashtags with weekly themes .

Now check out the website on Tuesdays for #TryMeTuseday and Thursdays for #TastyThursday. Tuesdays are about trying news, foods and ingredients and cooking techniques. Thursdays about my recipes or recipes by other bloggers and websites.

Happy Reading! 😏👍💻

April 2021

A bit more about how I cook now since the pandemic and why the blog was born….

This pas March has been a year since out lives has changed because of COVID-19

The pandemic has pushed a lot of us out of our comfort zones when it comes to cooking. Over the past year we’ve had to become better shoppers, waste-reducers, meal-stretchers.

I started cooking outside my comfort zone and doing things I never used to do. I would always just pop into the store, grab my ingredients, and then wing it, but the pandemic caused me to get in the habit of meal planning. It made me more organized.

I have learned to understand ingredients and cooking techniques a little more If I am not familiar with something or a technique. I will first learn more about it, broadening my knowledge and then tackle it.

Happy Cooking all!